5th Transportation Command

The 5th Transportation Command was activated at Fort Story and deployed to Vietnam on 29 September 1966. The command was assigned to the Qui Nhon Support Command and tasked with the mission of operating the port of Qui Nhon. Two transportation battalions were assigned to the command.

The 394th transportation battalion provided terminal service while the 159th transportation battalion provided lighterage for the port. The Han Jin Company, a civilian contractor for Seoul Korea, lent assistance for operation in stevedoring, tugs, barges and truck commitments. In November 1968 the Sealand Corporation began its operations with containerized cargo direct from the United States/

During June 1970, the 5th Transportation Command moved to Da Nang and was assigned to the United States Army Support Command, Da Nang where it was given the mission of operating the deep water port consisting of four deep draft berths, two shallow draft operation sites and the discharging of ammunition in midstream.

Made up of two boat companies, two terminal service companies and one local haul truck company and augmented by the Korean Express Company and Sealand Corporation, the Da Nang Pier operated twenty four hours daily. By November of 1971 the geographical area of responsibility for sea and land transportation covered over 3,000 square miles


Excerpts from "Northern Log,71". a publication describing Army Logistical Functions in I Corps.

The 5th Transportation Command, since arriving from Qui Nhon in early June, 1970, has been operating the U.S. Army Port of Da Nang. The Unit's mission includes clearing the Port of cargo, offloading deep-draft ships at Deep Water Pier, supervising in-the-stream discharge of deep-draft ships at Deep Water Pier, and operating two shallow-draft discharge sites. At Bridge Ramp, transshipment of general cargo is handled, as well as the discharge of ammunition for destinations in the immediate area. At Tien Sha Ramp, shallow-draft vessels are offloaded and then reloaded with ammunition bound for outlying areas reached by water, such as Tan My, Chu Lai, and Hue (via the Perfume River).

The Command not only loads and offloads these shallow-draft vessels, but also maintains its own small fleet, including SKILAC's and Y-type coastal tankers, and medium truck company for drayage service within a 25-mile radius of the port area. finally, the 5th Transportation Command is tasked with managing Camp Baxter, its own base of Operations, in East Da Nang. Headquarters and headquarters Company is responsible for the functional supervision of Deep Water Pier, bridge Ramp, and Tien Sha Ramp. The Company also controls port operations through the Harbormaster's Office, regulates the movement of subordinate units floating craft, provides documentation for all cargo, arranges for drayage in the port complex, and directs installation activities at Camp Baxter.

Since its arrival from Long Binh on September 15, 1970, the 62nd Transportation Company (Medium Truck) has provided drayage for port clearance and backloading operations in Da Nang. The Company, equipped with tractor-trailer combination vehicles, moves cargo between three port sites and to customer units within a 25-mile radius of the Port.

The 264th Transportation Company (Terminal Service) manages local national and third-country national stevedore gangs offloading deep-draft ships in Da Nang. since acquiring Deep Water Pier from the U.S. Navy in the mid-1970, the 264th has equalled and in some cases surpassed the standards of performance achieved by the former tenants. The Company is presently conducting a "buddy" system to train ARVN soldiers in stevedoring activities as part of the Vietnamization program.

The 329th Transportation Company (Heavy Boat) is responsible for most of the costal missions performed by the 5th Transportation Command between Chu Lai and Dong Ha. The Company's SKILAC's carry ammunition on outbound trips and return to Da Nang with retrograde materiel.

The 870th Transportation Company (Terminal Service) operates the shallow-draft discharge facility at Bridge Ramp in Da nang, and has supervisory responsibility for the offloading of ammunition by a civilian contractor at the same location. The Company coordinates these activities with those of the 2nd Platoon, 403d Transportation Company (Terminal Transfer), currently assigned to the 870th, which operates the ammunition transshipment facility at Tien Sha Ramp. At both sites, ships, barges, and landing craft load and unload ammunition and general cargo for Allied forces in Military Region 1.

The 1098th Transportation Company (Medium Boat) maintains a small fleet of "pusher" boats-converted LCM-8's and -6's--for light tug assistance in Da Nang Harbor. The Company's LCM's are also used for intracoastal and, on occasion, coastal operations.

An unaccompanied baggage activity is operated by the 5th Transportation Command as well, for the purpose of handling hold baggage for all U.S. military and civilian personnel in the Da Nang area.

5th Transportation Command

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