44th Medical Group

The 44th Medical Group was constituted in the Regular Army on December 30, 1965 and then activated on New Year's Day in 1966. It arrived in Vietnam on April 24, 1966 to command the increased medical mission. The brigade was initially established in a group of villas (Truong Quoc Dung) at Saigon and later moved to Long Binh.

Prior to August 1967, the Army placed medical assets including the 44th Medical Brigade under command of the First Logistics Command with a separate Office of the Surgeon reporting to the Commander, US Army, Republic of Vietnam (USARVN).

The Office of the Command Surgeon and the 44th Medical Brigade were combined on August 19, 1967, and the 44th was then reassigned from First Logistics Command to the Commander, USARVN. The 44th included a Brigade Headquarters and three to four medical groups that were established and dissolved as medical needs dictated. The major elements of the brigade in Vietnam included the 43rd, 55th, 32nd, 67th and 68th Medical Groups.

The final reorganization of the U.S. Army medical service structure in Vietnam occurred on 1 March 1970, when the Army Medical dual staff functions were reduced with the establishment of the United States Army Medical Command, Vietnam (USAMC)

44th Medical Group

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