199th Infantry Brigade

The 199th Infantry Brigade, known as the "Redcatcher," was formed on March 23,1966 at Fort Benning, Georgia. In September 1966 the 199th was sent to Camp Shelby Mississippi for advanced Infantry training. The 199th Light Infantry Brigade, tailored and trained for duty in the Republic of Vietnam, arrived on 12 December 1966, and set up a base camp just north of Long Bien Post. Its primary mission was to assist in the defense of Saigon, including the guarding of major infiltration corridors into the capital city.

The Redcatchers had a nucleus of four combat infantry battalions and an artillery battalion. These in turn were backed by a combat support battalion, a helicopter aviation section, an armored cavalry troop, long range reconnaissance patrol units, a helicopter gunship troop and a company of engineers. The 199th rendered outstanding performances in its many engagements with the enemy. For its efforts in the 1968 Tet offensive, the Brigade received the Valorous Unit Award. The 199th was deactivated at Fort Benning, Georgia in September 1970.

new 199th Infantry Brigade

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